Saturday, February 12, 2011

the Lord is near

King David, bank on this: whether you are on the throne or in the cave, the Lord is near.

And King Solomon: God is among the poorest and dimmest of your people as surely as his presence fills your vast libraries.

He is beyond our wisdom. Loneliness is under his foot. In our desperation, he is shalom and in our hollow peace, he is the storm.

He is all things to all people--the vacuum to the full and laughter for the losers.

Among all our conversations, he is the voice that silences our small opinions yet he is also the quirky smiling rabbi that would gather on his lap those little ones that are always told to be quiet, sit down, shut up and listen. He would wonder with them and listen. He is different that way.

Listen: the Lord is near you. And if he says “speak to me”, by all means: speak whatever is on your heart, little one. He is always with you. He is different that way.

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