Saturday, February 5, 2011

two teenagers

Yesterday a magazine published by Compassion International came to our mailbox. We sponsor two Compassion children.

This morning, while I waited for the coffee to brew, I started browsing the magazine. The first cluster of stories featured children that live near city garbage dumps in two parts of the world: Guatemala and the Philippines.

The article about the Philippines highlighted two girls that spend four to eight hours each day in the garbage dump scavenging for scrap metal and other recyclables in hopes of earning a little extra money for their family. One of the girls is named Florence. She is 16.

On one four hour day, Florence and her sister earned $1.44. On a good day they will earn $5.50 for eight hours worth of work.


My daughter will turn 14 later this month. Yesterday, I met her and Nic outside their school building to walk them home. Meaghan was beaming.

She told me she had won a prize. She had received the highest scores in her home room for a standardized test the entire eighth grade took on math and reading.

The other eighth grade home rooms also entered their highest scoring students and a drawing was held.

Meghan's name was drawn. The prize? A 50 dollar gift card to Best Buy.

Reading the magazine this morning really puts things in perspective.

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