Sunday, February 26, 2012

drink continually of the torrent of his pleasures

Teach me to drink continually of the torrent of your pleasures, as much as I want, whenever I want it, for as long as I want it.

The Westminster catechism asks, “What is the chief end of Man?” It replies that the purpose of our life is to “glorify God and enjoy him forever.” Author John Piper points out that we glorify God by enjoying him. He calls this Christian Hedonism.

It seems a strange way to phrase a doctrine, but it is biblical. Jesus invites us to come to him to drink. He changes water into wine (oh, the scandal of it!). He is a God of pleasure. He can be enjoyed and loved with one’s whole heart. He promises that the water he gives us will become in us a spring welling up to produce a quality of life marked by the abundance of eternity. He bids us drink as much as we want, whenever we want it, for as long as we want it.

The wedding feast is at-hand. Keep your lamps lit and stay awake. A marriage shall be consummated this night and tomorrow. Drink deep of his love. Arouse your passion for him. He is ready and waiting for you.

Does this make you uncomfortable? Grow accustomed to intimacy with the lover of your soul for he would have us learn to love him, to truly love him each day, all day, for as long as we want. To do this, he would have us drink continually of the torrent of his pleasure.

It is free. It costs nothing—but your heart. The good news is: you needn’t be a magician. Simply attend to it. Anyone can swallow, even babies at their mother’s breast.

Can a mother forget the baby at her breast? I will not forget you! -Isaiah 49:15

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