Tuesday, March 6, 2012

God is big and we are small

“I am clouded by my own smallness and overwhelmed by your immensity; I am restricted by my own narrowness and mastered by your wideness.”

Do not fear God’s immensity. If you are afraid it is not because his immensity lacks goodness, it is only because we have grown too accustomed to our smallness.

The fact is: God invites you into his wide-open space. You will not venture into his sweeping adventure alone, so (again) don’t be afraid. He attends you every step of the way and he even goes before you to prepare the way.

To step into God’s infinity, however, we must admit our finitude. God would have his kingdom located in your heart. To have it there is to enlarge the capacity of your soul.

Do not diminish your soul through small, petty disagreements. Do not diminish your soul with impatience and complaint. These conditions arise because of self-absorption. Self-absorption, in turn, shrinks your soul’s capacity. A person can cave in on himself.

God invites you to wide open spaces. Grace forms the very atmosphere in such a place. It is the one thing we most take for granted but it is the one thing most needed. Grace keeps your head up, your hands open and your feet seeking. When you stumble, grace is what picks you back up, dusts you off, and sets you on your journey again. Grace is the goal and the means. There is no duty here, to enter God’s wideness; there is only invitation.

For those foolish enough to ignore the invitation, there will only be repeated invitations. So, you may as well leave the small, dark cell. The door is open and you are free to go. The door will always be open. So, go now.

The time has come. The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news! -Mark 1:15

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