Friday, March 9, 2012

human God

Human God, save me, a human sinner.

He knows what it’s like to be human. Jesus wept. He suffered. He experienced loneliness. He became acquainted with betrayal, just like us. He called every disciple his friend, including Judas. I’ve had my share of my own Judases. You have, too.

He was cold and hungry. He was envied. He became a target for murder. He died. His soul descended to the land of the dead while his body lay in the tomb, just like every other human. He fully identified with all of us.

The early Christians taught “Only God can save”.

They also taught “Only That Which God Becomes can be saved”.

The chief heresy the early Christians had to battle was not like today’s. Today, Christian apologists spend most of their time showing that Jesus was fully God. In the ancient church the apologists spent most of their time showing that the Christ was fully human. The Gnostics taught that Jesus only seemed human. By extension, the Gnostic taught that we therefore needed to transcend our human bodies to become truly godlike.

Hear the good news: you don’t have to stop being a human to be rescued. And, once you’re rescued, you don’t have to stop being human then, either. The gospel involves more than the notion that God forgives; it begins with the wondrous truth that God became human, thus infusing mortality with immortality. Murder will never have the last word, nor will betrayal.

Jesus wept. -John 11:35

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