Tuesday, March 13, 2012

sufficiency and blessedness

Lord, your blessedness is sufficient and your sufficiency is blessed.

He is eternally giving; we are but receivers. To say he is eternally self-emptying is to say he always gives.

What does he give? Love. It is the only thing he has to give but it is everything. It must be love because love empties itself for the sake of another. Because it is love he gives, it is also eternal happiness. It is not temporal happiness. It could not be, because his happiness springs from his eternal nature. This lasting happiness is better called joy, but it may also be called blessedness.

God’s blessedness is like a river. It is forever flowing, forever emptying, but never running out. It is not shallow; it is deep. It is not narrow; it is wide. It is long and life-giving. This is God’s blessedness and it is enough.

God himself is enough. Teresa de Avila says, “Whom God possesses in nothing is wanting. Alone God suffices.” He is able to forgive every time you sin. He is able to provide for you. He sees you when no one else sees you. He can give you strength when you feel like giving up. He can give you wisdom when you just don’t know. He is sufficient.

You don’t have to worry now, because he is sufficient. To lay down worry is to pick up joy. To see first-hand that God is sufficient is to be glad again.

His glad giving is enough for you and his ability to provide for you can make you glad.

My grace is sufficient for you. -2 Corinthians 12:9

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