Friday, March 30, 2012

God's worth is our worth

Grant to me, Lord, that I may be made worthy out of my unworthiness.

There is nothing of greater worth than God’s love. Everything that has been made sprang from his love; therefore, God’s love is the primordial good. God is love. Nothing is greater than God; therefore, nothing is greater than God’s love.

We do not deserve God’s love. He gave it to us freely in the first place, not because of anything we did, but just because he loved us. In fact, you were conceived because of God’s love. He wanted you “to be.” You could no sooner have effected your own conception than a cobbler could create a foot. You are alive because of God because of love.

He also gave us love when we handed it back to him. Now, this we surely did not deserve! Why do we think we need to become worthy to receive God’s love when God’s love is the very thing that makes us worthy? We are like toddlers trying to learn quantum physics. Just be loved.

To say that God loves us eternally is to make a statement of ultimate worth; to say that we hand him back his love is to make a statement concerning our attempts to “unworth” his worth. To hand him back his love is, therefore, to make us “unworthers” (or, unworthy).

No matter, he keeps loving us and his worth is greater than our unworth. It’s a losing battle we fight. God’s love will always be victorious.

Let yourself be loved by God for there is nothing greater than God’s love. It makes life worth living. It is your intrinsic worth. It is all you have and all there is. Anything else is a negation. You could not be loved any more than you are right now. Be loved and have courage.

God has chosen to make known his glorious riches: Christ in you, the hope of glory. -Colossians 1:27

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