Wednesday, March 28, 2012

if God puts a desire in you

Perfect what you have begun, and grant me what you have made me long for.

Now and again God stirs your spirit. He plants a seed in the soil of your soul. It is a seed of promise. It may take long to germinate and bear fruit, but it promises to produce something beautiful in its own time.

We have grown accustomed to acquiring things we want instantly. Most everything can be purchased nowadays via the internet. It is tragic that both minute and great desires can be satiated within minutes. We also translate instant gratification to other arenas. When my wife and I wanted to have children, I expected we’d conceive right off. We didn’t. We had to wait for it and this was troubling. We don’t like waiting, especially when we know that what we’re waiting for is good.

Often, God uses a speaker or a song to stir up a desire he wants us to have. Sometimes this also happens when we see a film or read a certain book. Naturally, we want what God made us to desire. And we want it now. But some things can’t come to us now. We have to wait for them in hope and patience. We can only do this as we wait immersed in unconditional love, knowing that we are destined for something more but God loves us just the same until we acquire that for which we are destined.

If God puts a desire in you, he is able to perfect it. And he will, in time.

Perhaps God’s desire for you is just to learn to wait, just wait and trust. In trusting, you find him. This is precisely what he wants to give you. He knows what he’s doing.

He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion. -Philippians 1:6

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