Sunday, May 15, 2011

why we should kneel more

Christians are not required to kneel when they pray but suddenly this morning I feel like we too seldom do so. What is signified when we kneel in prayer? Is it to acknowledge a God higher than the heavens, a Maker more powerful than the largest of suns, vaster than the galaxies, stronger than the hurricane? Are we compelled to kneel by piercing holiness, unspoiled perfection?

These may be valid reasons, for they are true, but I suggest they needn’t be the Christian’s primary reason to kneel for in the preceding we have surely described a God but not the christian god. The christian god stooped lower than any of his creations, the christian god became a person just like you and me and then he became the lowest person, a foot-washer, a lover of lepers, prostitutes, adulterers; a friend to tax collectors, a pre-born to an unwed woman; he washed our feet to show us his love; his love, in turn, draws us to himself; yes, he draws us to himself—this is what he would do: draw us to himself.

To pray is to be drawn to our eternal friend’s side. But you cannot be drawn to his side without kneeling for he himself kneels. Kneeling is the Christian’s way of trying to make their prayers fall, not rise, for the high God has a name now and comes from that remote little town up north—he is the one down on the floor now with that basin of water and a towel. It may not have been recorded, but I am sure he wept at our feet before we ever did so. He knelt because he would have us kneel with him and find in such a posture true life. This is why we should kneel more.

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