Saturday, June 18, 2011

i am still in transition

One year ago today, I was still saying some long goodbyes to our friends and church family in Madrid. We had spent twelve years in Europe and now it was all coming to a close. It seemed hard to believe that in just eleven days I would get on a plane bound for Chicago. In itself, that was nothing remarkable; but this plane was different: it would not take me to a mere two-month furlough but rather to a whole new life.

Today, I am still adjusting.

I am so proud of our kids…They stepped in to a brand new school this year with dignity, confidence, grace and good humor. They made good friends there and were loved by all their teachers. Yesterday, as I picked up Nic from his classroom, I got a lump in my throat as he hugged his teacher and said goodbye to his friends. They all smiled and shouted enthusiastically, “Goodbye, Nicolas! We’ll miss you!”

Next year, both Nic and Meaghan will go to a new school, starting the process of adjusting to a new environment all over again.

I am proud of my wife…She, too, started a new job this year. She tackled the challenge of putting herself out there to look for a new job and she did it with joy and nary a worry nor complaint. She has taken well to her new work and has really clicked with her co-workers: they love her!

Now, we are getting ready to move house and, as usual, Heather faces the future with confidence and laughter.

This time last year, I never would have said: “The future? Hm, let me think: I suppose I’ll be working part time at Kmart this time next year.” Yes, I’m still adjusting. And I never would have planned that we would just now be settling in to a church we feel we can call home. And I never would have planned that our home would be filled with moving boxes once again. I am still in transition.

Here’s to singing on the move.
Here’s to prayer while walking.
Here’s to a Shepherd-God.
You can fleece me, Lord, if you will just assure me that you’ll always be with me and that one day, one day my coat will grow in again and I will be warm, warm, warm…with you.

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Elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing your authentic self, Troy. I've no doubt that this transition will come full circle sooner rather than later. You're being faithful in it, just like Heather, who has done remarkably well, I agree. P.S. Your apartment looks great! May it be a home which God inhabits awesomely.