Tuesday, June 28, 2011

put your name in this story

He is my new neighbor. His name is Jim. He has lived here for about 12 years now and he takes care of the building. He speaks with a slight Chicago-city accent.

He notices we had a good amount of people for moving day. As we speak, he shares his story.

He worked for the city for 35 years. He has been "retired" now for the past two years and considers himself fortunate to receive a full pension for his many years of service. Just out of high school he worked as a laborer at the airport for seven years. After that, for the city's sanitation department for twenty-eight years. He worked in deep sewage piping. He had a team of five people and a truck that would go from site to site around the city, making sure Chicago's sanitation needs were met. Week-in, week-out, for twenty-eight years.

"I would've rather done something with my life like win an Academy Award or a Grammy Award but I have to say I do get satisfaction out of knowing I worked honest and hard for thirty-five years."

"And well you should feel satisfied. That's rare these days," I comment. "Good for you."

God knows and loves every name in this world, be it Barack, Sting, Madonna, Nelson, Gaga, Jim or Troy. Put your name in this story.

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