Saturday, July 2, 2011

the eternal optimist

One of the things we’ve given up in our move to a new apartment is a dishwasher. In our old apartment, I showed the kids how to load the dishwasher so they could help me out a bit with the dishes. Knowing that our new apartment would not afford us the luxury of a dishwasher, I decided to teach the kids how to do the dishes old-school.

When I got done showing them, Nic said: “I like doing it this way better, Dad!”

He explained: “With a dishwasher, you have to wash the dishes and then wash them again and then wait to put them away. This way, you just wash ‘em and put ‘em away right away. Done! Just like that. Easy!”

Ladies and gentlemen, meet my son, the eternal optimist.

Thanks, Nic, for teaching me how to count my blessings!

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