Wednesday, July 20, 2011

grace is its own perfection

One cannot improve upon perfection. So, why do we try to improve upon grace? Grace is its own perfection. It cannot be made more perfect; yet now I discover in me the constant compulsion to make it so by trying to earn God’s love. Why?

Listen: grace sets us free from guessing whether we are accepted by the God who gives grace. If we are freed by grace, we are free indeed. To strive for the freedom of grace is to place oneself in bondage all over again. Striving is less than freedom; we need but abide for he surely gives grace sufficient for the moment and more.

The excellence and perfection of God is the excellence of a master artist: it only occurs as the fruit of desire and pleasure—which is to say it stems from grace. Let us improvise and imagine—grace bids it. Let us not be afraid. Let us laugh in freedom. The order of perfection may look more like disorder than we imagine. The perfection of grace will not stand in rows unless such lines oscillate freely with music.

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