Wednesday, July 27, 2011

why brokenness and joy go hand in hand

When we rightly understand the love God has for us, it is most fitting either to weep in joy or weep over our own brokenness. Either way, the love of God softens our hearts and a soft heart elicits a tearful eye.

Mere intellectual reflection on the love of God falls short of a right understanding of the love of God. To understand is to know first-hand, by experience. It is the kind of knowing that transcends language.

Theologian: begin your work with prayer and let devotion permeate every word you read or write. When you are finished, kneel in worship. Do not work out of anger and judgment; a bride does not become cross when she describes her groom. Your office is a privilege--do not taint it with a preoccupation to be clever, incisive or admired. Remember: the fingers that tap your keyboard were fashioned by an Artist-Father that drew your prints in his mind long before they were ever impressed on your skin.

Let all we do be for the love of God, as if he is right beside you—for he is there and he wants you to be his friend. He will always offer us his friendship, even when we ignore him. That is why we should be broken over our indifference and that is why we should be joyful always in praise.

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