Thursday, July 28, 2011

why he tears you apart

These are the days
when no one seems to notice
this heart poured out
only God sees
at times
melted as wax—
a little cooling
and you shall be hard again
in moments.
At times,
a frozen candle,
brittle and easily broken

and broken, shattered.

These are the days
when scripture is a phrase on the mind,
like a butterfly
elusive beauty,
gone but glimpsed.
A prayer whispered:
“Alight on this chrysalis,
and remain a while
for I
think I
will never be free of this cocoon.”

So many dreams of
too many colors
but no coat of promise given--
just a canvas stretched
waiting in the corner,
torn and dusty.

Yet he takes tears,
tears you through
and through clean
and paints you
in fragments
and sews those pieces
anew into

But that is for another day.
Today, he has you wait and

low, unknown.

why he tears you apart
a poem by troy cady

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