Monday, August 8, 2011

trust and words

If God’s Word grows in me, my words invariably become fewer.

Do I feel the need to comment on everything I read in God’s Word? Too often, I do. Save me, dear Lord, from such self-centered compulsions. Let your Word grab hold of me before I presume to grab hold of it.

We all speak many needless words. I know this by personal experience. I am struck not by how much Jesus said, but rather by how little he said--and how simply he said it. How is it? The God of all truth speaks, at times, in obscurity—packaging the truth in simple stories and metaphors. Why is this? He could have explained many things to us by more direct means but it is only the Gnostic Jesus who writes a philosophy textbook.

Can I trust that the simple Word of God can seed an entire field? Yes, I can. But, will I? Will I play the part of common farmer, casting seeds without the need for speech, letting the seeds do their own work in each unique field? Will I let the fruit be His or will I insist foolishly that I made the seed?

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