Sunday, September 18, 2011


We got free tickets to see the Cubbies play today so I went with Nic and his best friend from the school he went to last year. Following, a small photo journal:

Wrigley Field is truly a sight to see, nothing like it.

Nic was so happy his best friend from school last year could join us.

At one point we spotted some Star Wars characters on a balcony across the way. We moved to get closer to them and as we were walking over there, Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers walked right by us! Nic was so happy!

Wrigley Field is also known as "The Friendly Confines." A shout-out to its classic historic character...

It began raining, but we were true Cubbies fans and stuck it out!

At the bottom of the eighth with two outs, Carlos Peña steps up to the plate. The Cubs are down 3 to 2. We need just one run to tie and we already have a man on first. It's raining pretty hard at this point, but Peña knocks one into deep left field. It hits the yellow bar on the fencing that juts out from the back wall not too far from where we were sitting (see the "Friendly Confines" picture above...). The third base umpire rules Peña's hit a home run. HOORAY! The Cubbies are now up 4-3!

Some moments pass and the two runs are taken off the scoreboard. Apparently, a video review was called on the play and the homerun call was overruled. The Cubs manager argues with the umpire over the miscall and gets himself thrown out of the game. So, now the Cubbies are left with a man on second and a man on third--still one run down. The next player up pops one into shallow right and the inning is over.

After that, the umpire called for a rain delay. The infield is covered to keep it from turning to mud.

About an hour later, play resumed and the Cubbies lost. :-(

We had a blast, all the same. Today, I'm thankful I could take my son and his friend to a time-honored tradition: baseball in America.

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