Friday, September 30, 2011

why i number things

I was a member of the debate team in high school. Among other habits I picked up through that experience, one that endures today is the practice of numbering. Let me explain:

1. I find that numbering helps keep someone’s attention because they feel the thought-process is going somewhere.

2. Numbering helps me stay organized.

3. Numbering helps me and others remember things.

And, last but not least…

4. Numbering makes my wife’s eyes roll and I do love seeing her eyes roll, especially when I’ve managed to infect her with the habit of numbering.

Yesterday morning my 11-year-old son did it; numbered in a sentence.

“First of all…Secondly…”

My wife laughed and pointed out I had successfully infected him now, too.

My daughter rolled her eyes and asked in a respectful tone, “Why do you always number?”

I replied: “Number 1: I don’t. Number 2: it’s fun.”

Number 3: the end.

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