Thursday, October 20, 2011

defacing god

Let’s deface God, shall we?
Airbrush him nice n white;
make his words terse and his lips tight.
Parse his poetry in numbered verse,
change his colt to a dry bone hearse.
Hold the freckles, please.
No, he doesn’t sneeze.
Put him on a throne in some distant clouds.
Wrap him in a shroud then shout loud
Hosannas to a god who
exchanges burlap for lace
and trades justice for grace.
Erase his race and run
at your own pace.
Call him a rat,
reduce him to a gnat.
Say he is but Force
or Energy,
Source or Synergy.
Use him to serve your own end.
Call him anything but what
he calls you: Friend.

defacing god
by troy cady

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