Tuesday, October 25, 2011

marked by love

We like our morning routine. Heather and I are creatures of habit and so are our kids. After breakfast, we pray and read Scripture together, then finish our preparations for the day: pack lunches, brush teeth, locate keys. Heather puts on her lipstick after brushing her teeth and then gives me a kiss on the cheek just before going out the door. Of course, this leaves her lip prints on my face.

It has happened on more than one day: I forget the red marks are there and I continue on with my day that way.

One day I showed up to work with the evidence of her kiss still lingering on my face. A colleague noticed it and said something to me about it.

Later, I wondered: Does my life exhibit the mark of God’s love so clearly? Have I become a gentler soul, more thoughtful and compassionate? When I speak do I curse or bless as if God’s kisses could be formed by my mouth? Are my eyes graced with the lenses of love?

Let it be, Lord. Let my life be marked by love.

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