Saturday, December 10, 2011

i can still make heather laugh

We always need lots of quarters each week because the laundry machine in our apartment building is coin-operated. Each week we have to think, "Okay, how are we going to do this? Will we be stopping by the bank? Shall I get some from work? Or, will we be by 'The Jewel's' (as Chicagoans like to call it)?"

The only thing about getting quarters from Jewel is: they are very stingy with their dole-outs. They will only give you one roll at a time, which only lasts but a day. Whenever we get quarters, we always need at least two rolls so we don't have to worry about it next time around.

Tonight the bank was closed and we needed to do laundry tomorrow. I didn't pick any rolls up from work this week so we had to resort to Jewel again.

We knew they'd likely only give one roll, so we planned on Heather getting in line first and we'd see what happened. I'd "hide out" somewhere to see if they gave her two rolls (they've been known to do that on occasion). If she didn't get two rolls, I'd get in line to get a second roll.

There was a display just to the right of the counter, so I decided to literally hide behind it, stooping down so the employees at the service desk couldn't see me.

Some employees at another counter nearby saw what I was doing and started laughing at me. Heather knew what I was doing and started laughing, too.

Finally, she stepped out of line when she knew she wouldn't be able to keep a straight face.

It's nice to know I can still make my honey laugh! Let it be noted...

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