Monday, May 28, 2012

when the moon stands still

shall i remember
the torpor
that waxed
these many months
like the moon fixed in place
because the earth stopped spinning

there was no victory won
here on the plain
among these wilted waves of grain

the harvest ungathered
the workers unscattered
full heads of wheat drooping
for holding back tears
beset by fears
snickering intermittently
with an eye to torture long

God stops the earth to stay the sun
for mercy’s sake
so who holds the night in prolonged
memorial song?

something grew despite the night
like hidden light under a bushel

the moon’s chest swelled
as if casting a spell
over the shadow crop

“do thou likewise
keep standing
stay uncut”

i have attempted to contain
this sobbing in vain

let go of the pain

if what i have to give
will not be gathered
then let it be scattered
on the ground
let it die to live
to give tomorrow
a sporting chance

the new stalks are already growing
and i do believe
i hear the river flowing once again

when the moon stands still
a poem by troy cady

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