Wednesday, June 13, 2012

pregnant with hope

Don’t worry. God is still good and he has your best interest at heart. It is in his nature to give and he can be nothing other than good.

We ask him for many blessings and sometimes he withholds our specific requests. When he does so, it is only because he knows if we receive one thing, we will have no room for the greater thing he wants to give us instead. So, he says ‘no’ for the time being and he asks us gently to wait patiently. His better gifts will come in time, in time.

We can trust him. When has he ever left us stranded? Never.

We will remember his good works which have always been and always will be. If we have to go through the desert to arrive home, so be it. That does not diminish the miracle of deliverance from previous oppressions. Nor does it diminish the lavish abundance of the future.

Remember, we are pregnant. For now, we’ll call this baby Hope.  This is the one child who never miscarries. So, we can wait and wonder.

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