Wednesday, November 21, 2012

thoughts on the eve of thanksgiving

To give thanks is a grace in itself because it is impossible to be genuinely grateful and feel entitled at the same time.  To relinquish entitlement is to embrace life as it truly is: a gift, free and undeserved.

Regret also has no place in the practice of giving thanks.  If remembrance of past mistakes stains the present day, the gift of forgiveness wipes everything clean and new.  We know that love is stronger than hate, so why do we doubt that regret is overcome by gratitude?

Blessings withheld are still blessed. By faith, I can thank God not only for what he has given, but also what he has not given—even good things. If I was created to experience only that which is good that does not mean it is good for me to experience all good things; after all, I am finite. Besides, what is good for another may not be good for me. So, contentment also coincides with gratitude and comparison has no place in genuine thanksgiving.

Let me be content. Let me lay down regret. Let me forgive and be forgiven. Let me give thanks, not only with my lips but in my life as well. 

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