Tuesday, March 5, 2013

abandoned railroad

The trees attend in tense rows,
like cowed prisoners put in place
on either side of an empty cell block,
grayed by weather and the smirk of time.

No souls keep watch now,
oversight more cruel than punishment.

They stand erect—
begging permission to slouch
but given no reprieve—
strong despite oppression.

What crime imposed the void
insinuated between them?

Brothers and sisters across the way--
are those sons and daughters over the gap?

Their sap
tears wept
beside spent greed’s curse.

Two parallel rails,
now gone,
have left their mark—
the train destined for nowhere,
now a homeless ghost,
still haunting.

Commerce consumed these spirits,
her promise of progress now defunct.
Man’s pitted patch of tar
cannot hide God’s path,
bulging underneath industry.

even the melting snow—
has more permanence than

Abandoned Railroad
a poem by Troy Cady

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