Sunday, August 17, 2014

days with you

When I awake before the sun’s light whispers,
if I lay quietly next to you for a moment,
quiet in soul and stillness,
I can hear you, softly breathing,
a gentle life falling and rising from the center.

Rest, love. I will see you soon.

I hold your serene face in my eyes
as I await your awakening in the morning.
A door opens; I hear your step and
my heart stirs with excitement.
You come around the corner
and settle into your seat by the ivy window.
Your beauty is God’s mercy to me,
new every morning.

Others will come and go
but I will spend the day with you,
the shade in summer’s noon.
Let’s talk about whatever we want.
Let’s hold hands and let go again.
You are free and I am unashamed
of sentiment, lovesick.

Our laughter comes
under scattered showers,
falling from clouds that will pass
by afternoon’s end.

We have no plans for twilight
but I will draw near,
hoping to catch the scent of your sweet hair
and touch your skin.
You are the only one I’ve ever touched like this,
devoted to your eyes alone,
those lips alone.

I do not know how many more days
we will have together
until death separates us,
but as long as there is time
I will spend it with you,
in joy.

days with you
by Troy Cady
for Heather, on our anniversary

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