Thursday, January 1, 2015

all at once

You are the was and is and is to come—
forgiveness for the past,
love right now,
and hope for tomorrow.

Today is short,
like a moment’s breath;
no sooner does she arrive
than she passes.

Did I stumble?
Will I run and not grow weary?
Am I walking or fainting,
resting or skipping?

Only You can do all at once—
You rested in the Father when You stumbled with our cross,
You skipped into our hearts when You walked on water,
You marched into hell when You fainted with death.

For me, one thing is too much:
sitting at your feet.
In the shadow of loving,
what happened to you
happens to me.

See me down here.
Take my tears of regret and
make them tears of joy—
as I wash your feet,
brighten my soul.

Oil of gladness—
sweet scent—
than today.

all at once
by Troy Cady

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