Monday, August 17, 2015

what i would do again

If I had it all to do over again—
the last twenty six years
eleven months,
one week
and four days
since I first saw your face—
I would repeat every moment,
except for those I hurt you.
I would not speak the words
“I love you” with my mouth
without adding two more
loving acts to my hands.

We met at just the right time:
if we had met earlier
I would not have been ready
to be loved patiently
as you have loved me.

I cannot count the things
I would do all over again
since we first met
but let me try:

Let me cheer you on again
in your study to become
what you already are—
a true spiritual companion.

Let us grout the shower walls again
in our own style—
me with persnickety application
and you with your smearing gusto.

You can roll your eyes again
at my attempts to be funny;
I’ll try all over again to make you laugh,
develop new shtick.

Let’s dance again in the kitchen,
chat on the porch,
fold laundry,
bail water,
plant flowers,
weed gardens,
mop floors,
house hunt,
budget and shop
froth milk and drink coffee.

I’ll fry eggs and do the dishes;
let’s road-trip to Chicago again
on one tank of gas.

I would take you on that picnic
when the day is
colder than planned.
We would remain in the park,
defying the wind,
determined to prove our friendship
is stronger than the weather.

When I don’t know how to uncork the bottle,
I’ll just break its neck.
Let’s have another wasteful celebration.

These things I would do all over again.
I only have one request of you,
just one thing I want you to do once more:
startle me again
with fresh freedom,
an understanding of God
whose grace,
rightly grasped,
makes one tremble,
devoid of fear,
shaken by hope’s tremors.

what i would do again
by troy cady
for Heather on our 24th anniversary
August 17, 2015

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