Wednesday, November 25, 2015

what wakes me

and it’s the thought of your love that wakes me
the subtle thrill of sleeping by your side
how could I be so lucky to be the one
who gets to feel the moment you shift in the night
the steady swell and press of your breath
the reminder of your life touched with the laughter
that comes with second chances,
tears borne of the grief of premature loss,
compassion for the hungry, the homeless,
the refugee, forgiveness for a sinner like me,
it’s the thought of a daughter who’s your friend,
a teenage son who kisses you goodnight, honest
as undyed hair, beautiful in strength—
what wakes me is the thought of a woman
who does what she says, who stands for what is right
and good, who falls prostrate in prayer
Monday through Friday these days,
a student under the Spirit’s direction,
faithful to learn, willing to listen—
a woman whose words carry the power of grace
like water rounding out the sharp edges,
whose humble, thoughtful deeds include folding towels
and making beds for adopted family members,
extra guests, and a beagle in need of covering—
what wakes me is the thought of celebrating
your life whose virtues are harder to count
than the purple petals that bear your name
covering all the hillsides of Scotland.

what wakes me
for Heather on your birthday
by troy cady
forever yours

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