Thursday, February 11, 2016

breathe and pray as deeply as possible

It is hard to know where to start here at the end
of this stay in the hospital.
You are resting your eyes
and I, your son,
keep watch,
thankful for your life
of quiet strength
and dry humor.
These six days of disruption
have exhausted you.
Pump your ankles,
slide your heels
and raise your arms
each hour.
Walk when you want to sleep
and don’t forget to inhale
as deeply as possible
ten times in succession all the long day.
Let’s make each labored breath a prayer
for yesterday was Ash Wednesday
and Sunday is Valentine’s Day.
Let’s make each breath a prayer
for God has enough love
for us to make peace with being human
and I do believe
beauty will emerge from the ashes.

breathe and pray as deeply as possible
by troy cady
for my father
february 11, 2016

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