Thursday, April 21, 2016

when you are in a dark place

When you are in a dark place, do not fear.

The child in her mother’s womb
knows only darkness,
yet light and love surround her precious life
though she does not know it.

She makes her home in darkness;
she even grows there,
though she does not know how she grows.
Yet, being loved, she grows.

Her hope is small
compared to her mother’s hope.
Yes, she grows in hope.
Borrowed hope is strong enough in the dark place.

It seems to her that this darkness
is all there is
or will ever be.
She feels as though she sprang from darkness
and will live out her days there entirely.

she can hear and feel
there is something more.

Where is it? It seems to be here but not here.
Is it outside? Could there be an outside?
Is life there? What is it like?

She cannot name what she hears
out there in here
but that does not change what she hears:
namely, the Voice
the voices of love
out there in here—
she hears laughing and music.
They are getting ready for something special,
but she does not know they are getting ready;
to her, all that is good has been prepared already
before her arrival.

She is not ready for what is to come.
It is too much to understand right now.
It all seems so close
yet so far away.

Then, one day, when the tremors quicken
and the pain is at its worst,
the darkness will end and she will be born.

The new life is so startling
she will scream and cry—
but only for certain times, in fits and starts.
With each cry there will be countless consolations,
greater than the sum of her tears.
Every true hunger will be filled
and every deep wound will be healed.

When you are in a dark place, do not fear.
When days begin at night
they end in light.

when you are in a dark place
by troy cady

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