Sunday, June 5, 2016

a prayer to be filled with the Spirit of God

A prayer. It is nothing fancy but I happen to believe God loves to answer prayer. It is a simple prayer; maybe it is your prayer, too.


Knowing you are with us by your Spirit,
may we shout and be glad.
Enliven us where we are dead.
Assure us of your presence
when we would go it alone.
Still us when all we want to do is
do, do and do without resting in you.

Impart to us the mind of the Spirit
when we become preoccupied
with human strategy
and our own limited logic.
Help us to desire
what the Spirit desires.

Spirit of the living Christ,
grant us life and peace,
the peace that passes all understanding. 
May our lives be a testament
of the life of the Spirit,
the same Spirit
who raised Christ from the dead.

In Jesus’ Name,

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