Friday, November 11, 2016

what we don't know

what we don’t know
a poem to honor Veterans
by troy cady

When i say we
i mean, of course,
those like me
who have never served
as you have served.

What we don’t know
is the price you’ve paid,
the lives you’ve saved,
the pain you’ve borne
and the bruises you’ve worn.

What we don’t know
is the life you lost,
and what it cost
your family,
the broken bones,
the sacrifice of dreams
and a place called home,
the desolate places you’ve roamed,
hoping for hope.

What we don’t know
is the fear that laced
tight your throat,
what you saw when God’s face
vanished from sight,
like flight from the shore
at night in a storm.  

What we don’t know won’t hurt us
what you know is what can hurt us.

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