Monday, June 25, 2018

how you feel sometimes

returning home
feels like
swallowing sand,
while a faint moon
rises early
during the afternoon light,
hiding herself in plain sight
as just another cloud;
sometimes the traffic is flowing
while the heart is ebbing;
sometimes the horizon is apparent
but the future unclear;
sometimes the hand
right next to you
reaches over gently,
trying to bridge the void;
sometimes you feel alone
in the company of others,
passing cars,
confused amid construction,
glancing rearview,
trying to make sense of what has happened,
looking back to make sense of what is to come,
what will catch up to you,
like the certainty of dusk,
making peace with what cannot be changed,
praying for what can.


how you feel sometimes
by troy cady
for a friend

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