Friday, January 20, 2023

on the 19th of January

One night you will sit down
in your favorite chair
at the end of a long drizzly day.
On the 19th of January
the afternoon’s gray will descend
quickly to evening’s black,
the warm lights in the living room
will embrace your soul,
dampened the past 22 hours
by the clouds of conflict
that seem to cover everything,
even the stars.
Still, you will pause to remember
the morning’s brief sanctuary
when you entrusted yourself
to the vulnerability of silence
and the ministry of compassionate listening.
And you will remember
the arrival of the early afternoon
when you relished a feast of prayerful reading
with the neighbor whose
friendly curiosity quickened
the child within
and renewed your love of holy writ.
And, as you pause to remember,
you will breathe again, happy,
at peace with the world,
covered in grace.


on the 19th of January
by troy cady

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