Sunday, January 22, 2023

the present

i want you to see kindness 
in these eyes, 
to know what it feels like 
to be heard— 
i want to be the kind of person 
who keeps silence, 
who knows how to hold tears 
 in the spirit of tenderness— 
let’s enter the silence together— 
i will be the one to remind you 

you are not alone 

i will be your friend—
i cannot take away your pain, 
the betrayals you have borne, 
the sense of abandonment—
i cannot erase the many years 
you waited for god to show up— 
i cannot answer the one prayer 
you have made countless times— 
i wish i could do all of this and more 
but i can’t 

this one thing i do know: 
i can take time to be with you, 
i can train my eyes to see you, 
i can offer a warm heart 
in a cold world— 
i can join you 
in whispering softly 
over the embers of faith— 
i will watch in wonder 
when the light quickens in you— 
i will be someone who notices 
the reflection of grace in your eyes— 
and i believe you 
will see it, too. 


the present 
by troy cady

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