Saturday, January 26, 2008

just a few snapshots

1. On Friday I was walking the kids home from school. We were talking about the upcoming weekend and Meaghan was concerned on a couple of counts. First, she was excited about going out on another date with me to the museum, but she was worried about Nic:

Meg: What time will we be home tomorrow night?
Me: I don’t know.
Meg: Will Nic be asleep when we get home?
Me: I don’t know. Maybe. Why?
Meg: Well…I want to make sure I say goodnight to him.

Meg loves her little brother. It’s great to see that.

2. We continued talking about our date and Meg noted that we were going to a different museum this time: the Thyssen. She commented that I told her we could go to the Prado on our next date and she was clearly concerned that we do so.

Meg: Dad, we can go on more than one date a year, right?
Me: Right. Why do you ask that?
Meg: Well, it’s just that you said we’d go back to the Prado on our next date...
Me: You want to see the Prado again?
Meg: Yeah, I liked it.
Me: Okay, Meg. I promise we’ll go see the Prado again.
Meg: Thanks!

It was neat to see that she enjoyed the museum to the point that she wants to return. What’s more, I’m glad to have someone in our family accompany me.

3. This morning, I met with Meaghan to go through a booklet called “Follow Me!”. The booklet contains a series of 11 Scripture studies wherein the participant reads a story about Jesus from the Gospel of John and then prays with their “mind, heart, and will.” Today, we looked at John 3 where Nicodemus visits Jesus at night and Jesus says to Nicodemus that he must be “born again.”

Meg: I remember we talked about this last time.
Me: (oblivious) Really?
Meg: Yeah. We talked about how we can’t go into our mother’s womb again.
Me: (amused) Yes, that’s right.
Meg: But, if we believe in Jesus, our hearts can be born again.
Me: That’s right. So, do you want to believe in Jesus?
Meg: Yes.

It has been exciting watching Meaghan learn and grow in so many ways. She is really taking in the things we’ve been doing and talking about (even when I forget!). It has also been a challenge to my own faith, the way I live my life. Meaghan greets all this with fresh eyes, innocent wonder. She’s teaching me a lot.

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