Sunday, January 27, 2008

meg thought this was funny

Last night, Meg and I joined a bunch of others from our church at the museum. We were slated to go to the Thyssen, but it closed an hour earlier than we thought, so we crossed the street to go to the Prado instead.

As we were standing in line, waiting to receive our free ticket to go into the Prado we saw an interesting animal.

At first, someone said, "Hey, look at that cat!"

Then, someone noticed, "Actually, that's a dog."

To which I responded, "Actually, it's neither cat nor dog. It's one of those new animals that's a cross between the two. It's called a Dat. So, actually," I said pointing, "you should have said, 'Look at Dat!'"

Meg laughed. No one else did. Except me, of course.

Come on, people! That was darn funny and you know it!

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