Wednesday, February 6, 2008

review of 2007

About a week ago, someone wrote me to ask for a few highlights of Oasis Madrid’s ministry in 2007. As you can see, there are more than “a few” things to celebrate! Yay God! Here's what happened:

January 2007: Amy Swacina, who had been an intern for a year, decides to join Oasis Madrid staff long term. (Actually, this happened in November 2006, I remembered later! Oops!)

March 2007: Kelly and April Crull, return to Madrid. Kelly now heads up our Incarnate ministry, consisting of Social Justice and Outreach.

Easter 2007: Shani Kilasi is baptized!

Spring 2007: Victoria Stembokas is accepted to Christian Associates staff. She will commence a one year internship in July 2008, with the possibility of continuing on longer term after that.

Summer 2007: Chris Peterson agrees to do a one year internship with Oasis Madrid starting in July 2008, with the possibility of continuing on longer term after that.

May thru August 2007: Jonathan Steele did a four month internship.

July 2007: Amy Swacina obtains her visa. She returns to Europe later that month.

July 2007: Our website launches! Check it out at

September 2007: Shani Kilasi commences a one year internship with Oasis Madrid.

September 2007: Oasis Madrid commences monthly Leaders Community gatherings to encourage and equip lay leaders and emerging leaders.

September 2007: The Social Justice team hosts a retreat to clarify vision and set objectives for this important ministry. They are responsible for ministering to the marginalized of many sorts: homeless people, orphans, refugees, prostitutes. Among other things, they hand out food on the street to over two dozen homeless people every Friday.

October 2007: The Oasis Madrid Leaders Community begins to tackle these questions: "What is a disciple?" and "How on earth do you make a disciple?" It is essential for us as a church to have a good understanding of this topic since Jesus has commissioned us to "make disciples" and since our first key strategy as a church is to engage people in an "intentional Christian growth pathway."

Autumn 2007: Oasis Madrid has 6 community groups running with approximately 60 people regularly attending. Half of the services in the autumn had between 50 to 60 people in attendance. We are growing out of our meeting space and need to look for a larger facility.

Autumn 2007: Oasis Madrid is legalized! This means we are officially recognized as a church by the Spanish government and are able to receive financial gifts in Oasis Madrid's name. This also gives us the benefit of inviting people to Spain to work under our umbrella.

December 2007: Kelly Wills obtains her visa! She returns to Spain in January.

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