Saturday, April 12, 2008

team building photos

Last week at this time, the Oasis Madrid team was in the middle of a team building event facilitated by Scott and Terri Last. Here are some pics Scott sent me a few days ago. Thanks, Scott!

First of all, as you can see, we were in a beautiful place!

We spent some time in worship together.

We shared meals together.

We made hats together. This exercise was our way of understanding what each person contributes to the team in a unique way. It was fun seeing what everyone came up with!

Here we are making the hats:

Each of us then showed theirs, explaining what it said about them.

Here's Amy's:



Kelly Wills':

Kelly Crulls':


And mine. A word of explanation: I love sticky notes, so that's what I made mine out of. I explained that sticky notes say participation and collaboration. They can be rearranged. I attached them together to draw out the idea that things have many layers and there are even things hidden under other layers, waiting to be discovered. Anyway, here it is:

A shot of the group with our hats on:

Then, we placed our hats under the communion table, as a sign of giving our gifts back to Christ, laying our crowns at the feet of Jesus.

At the end, we signed a team covenant, which is a kind of summary of all the work we did over the weekend, specifying our commitment to follow through on what we discussed/agreed upon.

Here are a couple of us, signing the covenant:

Here's the signed covenant, in summary form. The points on the page expand to include several other big pieces of flip chart paper, so, though it doesn't look like much here, there is actually a lot contained in the covenant.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a celebration dinner, at an Ecuadorian restaurant. Heather was happy!

Thanks, Scott!

And Terri (in the foreground)!

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