Friday, May 23, 2008

wanted: your questions

We've been doing a series on discipleship at Oasis. Started it a couple months ago.

Just three weeks ago, for the teaching time in our service, I decided to do a Q & A on discipleship instead of using my usual teaching format, which consists of preparing a sermon ahead of time and manuscripting it. I got out the flip chart paper and markers and asked folks in the service to write down three questions per table on the topic of discipleship. I asked them to ask anything that came to mind with the topic and told them I would do my best to address their question, if I could.

They came up with some good ones. Here is a sampling:

-"What is the ultimate goal of discipleship?"
-"What does Christ charge us to do as disciples?"
-"How much of discipleship is down to the disciple's will and how much of it is caused by God?"
-"How would you define the separation between evangelism and discipleship?"
-"What does discipleship consist of?"
-"What is the easiest thing about discipleship?"
-"When I know I am imperfect, how can I disciple someone else?"
-Another one dealt with the role that community plays in making disciples.

I thought these were good questions. In fact, they were so good that we weren't able to address them all. So, in two weeeks at our next service, we're going to repeat the Q & A format.

Here's where you come in. I got to thinking: "Maybe there are some folks out there in cyberspace that would like to participate through contributing one of their own questions." If so, here's your chance. Take a few moments and ask yourself: "When it comes to discipleship and making disciples, what things come to mind?" What do you wonder about? What would you like to get another perspective on? Perhaps there's something in your own experience that you'd like to ask about or think about more. Perhaps there's something you read about or are thinking about (a text of Scripture you wonder about, or something someone wrote, or...). What questions do you have about discipleship and disciple-making? If you could ask anything, what would it be?

Either email your questions to me at or just post them here as a comment. If it fits, perhaps we'll talk about it at our next service. Or, if you want, I could just email you some thoughts. Also, let me know if you'd like me to use troymarbles to address some of the questions I listed above that came from our first Q & A service. I'd be happy to do so.


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