Friday, November 13, 2009


Lay aside the temptation to cynicism. There is good cause to believe still—yes, even today.

Stop where you are right now and wonder: there is a real candle called faith burning in the adjacent room. There is light there in that room and the light is real and warm.

Mockery may be fashionable, but it is fruitless. It yields nothing, inherits naught but the cold wind.

Remain open and pliable. Say to God, for there is a God, “Soften my heart, Lord.” It is the one prayer he will always answer in the affirmative, if uttered in sincerity.

And don’t give up. There are reasons to hope, good cause to carry on.

Faith and resilience go hand-in-hand. Don’t give up and don’t twist your soul, doubting that there is goodness in this world. Grace is all around, if we will but stop and look and notice.

Yes, all around you the crucified God keeps giving of himself for you, for you, for you. Always giving.

Notice it, believe it and be of good cheer. Lay aside the despair.

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