Monday, November 9, 2009

4. mug shots: john deere

This is part four of a series called "Mug Shots". The series was inspired this summer as I rummaged through the cupboards of different people we visited in search of interesting mugs.

This week's Mug Shot comes from Colorado; specifically, my sister's. Here it is:

Looks normal enough, no? But what makes this mug so unique is the punny play-on-words on the other side. It says, "Nothing runs like a Deere".

Get it? Deer (sans e) run and so do machine Deere! I thought it was clever--and funny. In fact, it made me giggle for quite some time.

But then I remembered that the mug's intent was to inspire confidence and awe in a piece of heavy equipment so I shouldn't be giggling like that (all girlish and whatnot). So, I decided to act vigorous and virile with it, like the cup belonged in my hands, deserved to be used by someone vigorous and virile such as someone like myself.

I kept at it for a while, and you'll be happy to know that the mug actually helped train me in vigorousness and virilentness and other things that make men what they are--that is, other than their you-know-whats. Here I am getting more vigorous.

If only everyone could have a mug like this the world would be a stronger place.

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