Friday, April 30, 2010

an answer to prayer

Yesterday we sent out an email asking you to pray. prayed and God answered! Thank you and thank God with us.

In the past 30 hours, we've had two trans-Atlantic skypes. I'm happy to say that God gave us peace in the midst of the conversations and peace as we processed the possibilities.

God gave wisdom to the leaders of Christian Associates. It is clear they have been thinking of us and praying for us and the mission of God. It is clear they've been asking what kind of role would best suit us.

And God has given us wisdom and a sense of new direction.

In summary, the leaders of Christian Associates have come to us with a proposal that attempts to take into account our gifts, experience and passion. They have asked us to step into a role with CA in North America that is more strategic for the mission and we feel that this new job will be better suited to who we are and to what we have to offer. We feel that God will use this new season to help bring many to faith in him and to mobilize leaders for his mission in the world.

We will be in touch with you to fill in more specifics later, but just wanted to share the good news with you for now so you don't worry!

Once again, thanks for laboring with us in prayer and thanks for your friendship and support.

Troy (for the fam)

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