Thursday, April 29, 2010

a request for prayer

Today is a big day for us, so we'd like to ask you to please pray.

First of all, Heather will send a certified letter to give official notice to our landlord that we will be moving at the end of June.

Second, I will have an important skype conversation with someone in our mission to process a proposal they have concerning our future with Christian Associates. There have been a lot of ideas batted around about future job possibilities with Christian Associates even since last autumn. In early March, Troy was interviewed for a job in training with Christian Associates. Since that interview, lots of conversations have happened to try to discern what would be best for us and for the mission.

So, summarizing: today at 4 Troy will have a conversation regarding the latest (final?) proposal with Christian Associates. Pray for wisdom for the decision-makers in Christian Associates. Pray also that God will grant Heather and me wisdom as we process this proposal when she gets home later. Pray for peace:

-before the conversation, because we have no idea what the proposal will be.


-after the conversation as we process together different possibilities.

Incidentally, tonight we have our weekly home group meeting in which we'll be looking at "joy." I will be doing a little teaching on the nature of joy and leading some discussion, so pray that God gives us real joy in the midst of all that's going on.

We'll be in touch again soon with an update, but just wanted to ask for you to pray for us during this very special time.

We appreciate you all so much!

Troy (for the fam)

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