Sunday, April 25, 2010

a reason to celebrate

About 18 months ago I sat across from my mentor, Jay Sensenig, trying to discern what was next for my own development and what was next on the horizon for Oasis Madrid, the church we've been planting since 2006.

It had been decided already that it was time for us as a family to make a move back to the States. With that question out of the way, we had another huge question to consider: "What about Oasis? Where would that leave the church, should the Cady's move on?"

Thanks to Jay's questions, I was able to see clearly that if I did only one thing well in the coming months it would amount to accomplishing the goal of raising up an elder leadership team to ensure that a group of people were equipped and empowered to carry on the Oasis ministry.

Today I had the joy of seeing Amy Swacina lead our Leader's Community. I've had the privilege of working alongside Amy for the past 4+ years. She continues to faithfully serve Oasis through her diligence as a staff member and a member of the elder team. Today's topic was vision and Amy did a great job going over what vision is, why it matters and some basics on how to develop vision. After that brief orientation, the Leader's Community divided into smaller groups to dream and plan more concretely for the future.

It was exciting to see this--to see a whole group of people dreaming, planning, passionate for Christ. I feel grateful to God that he has brought to completion something that began stirring a year and a half ago. Seeing what I saw today, I am confident Oasis will do well, thanks to the servant-hearts of these leaders.

Next month's Leader's Community will feature our annual celebration. They will all have earned it, believe me.

Amy, elders and leaders of Oasis: this is my way of cheering you on. You're all doing a great job, serving Christ and his church so faithfully. I'm proud of you, so I thought I'd get a head start on next month's party. Thank you for giving me this reason to celebrate. Love you guys.

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