Wednesday, July 14, 2010

what tom said about me

My daughter has a friend in Madrid that she’s known since 2006. Yesterday, he answered about 50 questions about me that were randomly generated by a Facebook application.

Here are a few I found interesting in how he answered. Keep in mind, Meaghan’s friend Thomas knows that I am a pastor (his mom nicknamed me “The Vicar”).

First of all, Tom does not think I…
…am ignorant
…am tone deaf
…have bad breath
…was a dork in high school
…am socially awkward
…am annoying
…would look good in a bikini

On the other hand, Tom does think I…
…brush my teeth regularly
…would go bungee jumping
…am fun to be around
…like to dance
can dance
…am smarter than the average bear
…would bail him out of jail
…would secretly fart in public
…am a good friend
…like chick flicks
…have eaten a booger

Pick one thing from each list you think suits me the most and let me know! I’d love to hear where you think Thomas was spot on.

For my part, it warmed my heart knowing that a certain teenage boy thinks I would secretly fart in public and that I would not look good in a bikini. Thanks, Thomas!

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