Sunday, November 21, 2010

the smiling day will come

This too shall pass.

You feel stuck. This causes you to feel any of the following: angry, sad, frustrated, trapped, deflated, confused, alone.

Can you relate?

Yes, many of us can. I have been there, too.

Listen: this too shall pass. The smiling day will come, if not tomorrow, some day. Just wait for it.

Healing may take some time. You may feel paralyzed now but you will walk again, if it takes some work. You will not be alone in this. As surely as God says “Rise!” you will be that voice one day to another outstretched.

There is no need to push nor rush.
There is no need to force; hush,
child. Do not shout at another.

If you must shout, shout at God. He is able to handle it. Let yourself cry, if that helps. Unlock those tears from their prison. It’s okay.

And when you are done, just wait and welcome the inconvenient interim.

A shoeless saint once said, “Let nothing disturb you. All things are passing.”

Yes. God will make a way. Just wait with patient endurance. Hurry inherits dust; hope, the sky of heaven on earth.

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