Saturday, November 20, 2010

the soft heart

The soft heart is what matters now. Do not think God desires a new technique. He just loves the soft heart stripped of gimmickry.

The soft heart appreciates how another uses a word rather than insisting they use such a word our way. The soft heart looks for the meaning another intends, not the meaning we wish for them.

The soft heart seeks. It seeks God and it seeks out those around, both the well-known and the little-known. The soft heart sees in the well-known that there is still much to be discovered and it sees in the little-known that we have much to share.

The soft heart seeks to understand before asking to be understood. The soft heart is a listening heart; it draws out even when it speaks out.

The soft heart searches itself, looking for honest disclosure of intention. The soft heart is self-deception’s remedy.

The soft heart sees that there is redemption in the midst of regret.


kirsten said...

Amen. A soft heart provides a safe place for people to land.

Troy said...

Thanks for the comment, Kirsten. I love what you've added...