Wednesday, November 17, 2010

you can take the building away, but you cannot remove the spirit

Church is not an event and it is not a place. Church is people, not so much the steeple. Take out the pews and put in some beds for friends with no homes. Remove the pulpit and put in a dance floor. If your church has a kitchen, feed the hungry. The mother with only 20 dollars to feed a family of five for the next two weeks should get to eat in God’s café free of charge. She should go home with some clothes in a bag and various smiles in her mind’s eye.

Better yet, the people of God should know the color on her living room walls and the scuff marks on her baseboards. The church is in her home.

Let’s say the church building gets burned down and the insurance company won’t pay out. Let’s say you lose the building. So what? Are the people of God defined by a building? No, of course not. The family is stronger than any truckload of bricks, more firm than any concrete.

You can take the building away, but you cannot remove the spirit.

Carry on, people. Carry on


Pam in Colorado said...

Your description of the church is wonderful. I fully agree. I wish we'd get rid of the buildings called church and refocus the body to keep moving in the work of the Lord. In our homes, in the homes of others. On the streets, or finding the spaces and places where those who need Him are hanging out or hiding in. Let those who are followers of Christ truly BE the Church, as we are called.

Troy said...

Thanks, Pam! Your words are encouraging...